About Steve Gronlund - Broker Owner Originator

The Gronlund Team

Steve Gronlund started in the Real Estate Finance and Mortgage business in 1991 intent on providing the best counsel and financial services available. 

As a Mortgage Planner vs. the common loan officer, Steve's goal is to create a mortgage plan as a financial tool to work in unison with your financial plan and retirement plan. His team has helped over 5000 customers in 29 years. 

A mortgage plan can also be a road-map or a check-list to reach home ownership for some.  Since home ownership appreciation often beats out traditional retirement return on investment, often home ownership is a big part of a overal financial plan.

Steve Gronlund is a Veteran and is a VA loan specialist with over 3,500 VA loans closed in the last twenty nine years.  Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated.  Steve does loans for active duty as well as separated and retiremd veterans all the time.  

Whatever your current situation, we’re here to help, and we don’t charge a dime until you realize the benefits. 

Listening to our customers has made us successful

Our goal is to assist our clients and their families in selecting the proper mortgage loan program to meet their long-term financial objectives. Here are comments from a number of our customers who were truly more than satisfied with our service!

To become a leader in the highly competitive mortgage lending industry, a company must deliver excellence in all areas. The personnel must be committed to customer service, be accessible and courteous, and have an extensive knowledge of mortgage options. The loan selection must be extensive. The pricing must be competitive.

To remain a leader, the lender must continuously improve and change. The staff must be provided additional education and training. Customer feedback must be encouraged and acted upon. Innovative mortgage products must be developed and implemented. Computer technology must remain state-of-the-art. The management team must bring innovations from other industries and consistently increase their standards, always expecting more everyday.

 Mission Statement

It is the current mission of this company and it’s partners to create a new kind of mortgage company. A Mortgage Firm, owned by it’s highest producing agents and structured so that while we strive to provide world class service and consulting for our clients, we have an equal interest in creating a firm that is so promoted by its agents and employees that raving fans are attracted to us.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is clear. People who don’t have their finances in control can’t really effect change in the more important areas of their lives. Becoming better parents, siblings, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, church members, mentors, and citizens takes work and discipline. It is very hard to affect change in these areas without first having money under control. Our unique approach to mortgage planning is to help people understand how to optimize their assets and dramatically improve their retirement and savings through proper equity management.

 Steve Gronlund, Broker, Owner, Veteran, Originator

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Email: steve@gronlundteam.com